Sunday, April 26, 2009

where I'm at

Patrick Lightheart is a digital artist living and working in Toronto,Canada.
His work spans many facets of design from photography to interiors to advertising campaigns for local businesses to board games.

His career has seen him create rooms for private clients as well as the Gladstone Hotel, a well known haunt for many artists, designers, musicians and other members of the design community on Toronto's trendy Queen West strip. He created a guest room with friends, D'Arcy St. Pierre, a fashion designer and Tim Friesen, a furniture designer. Their blended talents merged to create a truly unique and much requested room in the hotel!

He has produced commercials for Fashion Cares! a fundraiser for Casey House Aids Hospace. He has designed everything from club passes, posters and corporate identities to board games

His primary passion is digitally enhanced photography and his work has been displayed at the Pentimento Fine Art and the No Exit Galleries in downtown Toronto. He is rapidly building a local following for his highly personalized, individual style.

He began by taking portrait style photos of various models but felt that he needed to say more with the images he was creating. He loves nature, architecture and graphics and discovered that when he blended all these elements with his portraits he could communicate the message of his work much more effectively.

"The human body to me is similar to architecture so it made it very easy for me to relate it to other forms and make them work as a unified image," says Patrick. "My flair for the dramatic and a critical eye for composition lend to my unique take on the way I view people and the world around me."